This route appeals to those short of time, just one night to reach to the summit, most people who wish reach the summit short in time of Mt. Rinjani are chosen this route and then ending the trek in the second days.

Around this trek you can enjoy amazing views of the Tropical Forest, neighboring villages and the sea. Descending from the hill you will see Bamboo Gardens and along the way you will also see Coffee Trees.

rinjani trekking sembalun trek route
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There are several programs we organize through this route, if you have lot of time better you do the trek more than 2 days and get the views around the Mt. Rinjani from Sembalun Lawang Village and end in the Senaru Village.

map of Rinjani, sembalun trek route - Rinjani Trekking
Rinjani Trekking Map via Sembalun

Sembalun Route Packages

Start from Sembalun then you will arrive at the Crater Rim (about 3,100 m). A point called Plawangan II, which is one of the two points of access to the Crater. Inside the Rim the dazzling sign of Segara Anak lies before you. We will established a Base Camp along the Crater Rim.

Hints ( Pack in small size )
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Tick Coat or Jackets 
  • Short Pans for nature sauna 
  • Small Towels
  • Long life flash light 
  • Any Personal Medicine
  • Digital camera and Handy cam
  • Plantation Seeds for your Green protection help

Popular places near Mt. Rinjani


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Due to the weather condition that were not friendly, HaLoMi Trekker was stoped to do activities on Mount Rinjani until next open season on firts week of April 2016, Book now for 2016 or Contact us for other places in Lombok that you iterest