Hello, Holla and Hallo Fellow Trekkers!

HaLoMi Trekker is very attentive for how we can organize every trips on Mount Rinjani as memorable, fun, preserve the mountain and keep the spectacular view for our coming generation. As part of an Eco Tourism Community Base in Senaru, we do have our own eco-trekking policy:
Green Rinjani

Mt Rinjani is a magnificent place, we aim to keep it that way

Keeping the environment clean, As part of an ongoing effort to keep Mt Rinjani sustainably beautiful, we guarantee that as well as leaving not a trace behind us, we will bring more trash back down, than we take up.

Plant a Tree on Rinjani Mountain

Beside that we try to follow up and support an action one of other company in senaru to effort to keep Rinjani Mountain green and to save the Rinjani environment. This effort that about to plant a tree for every people who do this hike with us. Also be wishes the other company who organising trip to Mount Rinjani also care about that. Let's follow this action!, more company to follow will be more better for Rinjani, environment and earth.

  • Care about that, care about our next generation!
  • Participating about that, participated to earth!
Let's plant your tree today!

Toilet tent

We use toilet tents

This not only provides our guests with additional comfort and privacy, but is important for managing human waste on the mountain. By ensuring all human waste is buried we create a cleaner, more pleasant experience for future visitors.

Portable gas stoves

Our porters carry portable gas stoves for cooking. Unfortunately many trekking companies still rely on wood gathered from within the Mount Rinjani National Park for fuel. The continual removal of timber is an unsustainable practice and is detrimental to maintaining a healthy, balanced ecosystem.

Let's save the green for nature and save the nature for the future!

HaLoMi Trekker will rise to your occasion and help you along on the trek of a lifetime, along with your family and friends on Mt. Rinjani!.

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Due to the weather condition that were not friendly, HaLoMi Trekker was stoped to do activities on Mount Rinjani until next open season on firts week of April 2016, Book now for 2016 or Contact us for other places in Lombok that you iterest
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