Rinjani Summit

Summitting Mt. Rinjani

The hike to the summit was extremely tough and dangerous. You will climb through sandy areas, and places with loose rocks, like quick sand, 2 step up 1 step back for 2-3 hours in the early morning dark, with deep valleys on both ends. The wind was extremely strong so when you reached the top, you will squat down and huddle (it was freezing cold). It was a mental challenge getting to the top because the ascent was so slow that it is very easy to just give up and turn back. But even you reach the top that is memorable; this is the best part of the views. Many colors are usually coming from the sunrise and especially view of Segara Anak Lake and Mt. Baru Jari (2,375 m). Along the summit trail, to the Northwest direction, you can also spot a tiny cone among the clouds – the highest mountain in Bali – Mt. Agung (3,142 m)

Attention while trek up and down the summit

  • Crater Rim Sembalun – Summit (Trek up): Extra careful, hard trek (fully guided - going up) 
  • Summit - Crater Rim Sembalun (Trek down): Extra carefully (fully guided - going down)

Our Programs to the summit of Rinjani Mountain

Mt. Rinjani summit via Senaru
Mt. Rinjani summit via Sembalun

Rinjani trekking

Rinjani Trekking

Popular places near Mt. Rinjani

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