Here objects in Senaru village and Rinjani Mountain, but only Hotspring in Rinjani and Waterfall in Senaru will possible to be Visit. Other of that will not be allowed by the government.

Rinjani hotspring

Waterfall and Caves

There are three main waterfall in the Kokok Putih River stream, near Goa Susu (Susu Cave), in Mayung Putih, and in the proximity of Segara Anak Lake. Another waterfall in Sendang Gile comes from Mt. Rinjani hills indirectly. The waterfall along Kokok Putih stream are a result of stopped lava flow, and the height of these waterfalls depend on the thickness of the lava flow when it stopped. All of these place attract many tourists, particularly on holiday.

Hot springs

Hot spring are formed by surface water that flows deep down to the earth through cracks and contacts with magma, then rising to the surface as hot spring.

Goa (Cave) susu hot spring

This hot spring is situated at ±1750 m msl with temperature of 52-45°C in ambient air temperature at 19°C and pH 6-7. The water is clear, steamy and has a bad smell like H1S with spots of yellow sediments and sinters.

Foot of Mt. Barujari

This spring has a temperature from 42.4-44°C and pH 7.6 with clear and bubbly water.

Goa (Cave) Payung-Pengkreman Umar Maya

This spring is found along the Kokok Putih River with a temperature of 50°C in 12°C ambient air temperature and pH6-7. The water of the spring is clear, very steamy, with continuous and large amount of bubbles, and has orange and yellow colours of sediments (iron oxide) that might have arisen from basaltic andesite of lava blocks. 

Tiu kelep waterfall senaru
Sendang Gile Waterfall Senaru Tiu Kelep Waterfall Senaru

Popular places near Mt. Rinjani

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